We shilohave an incredible lineup of exceptional collaborators working hard putting together our 2016 living artists series, Elementaland it is about time we start introducing some of them to you.  Shilo Stroman is an exceptional artist in every way.  You may remember Shilo from NoCo Artists The Little Country concerts and album project where he demonstrated his spectacular drumming skills with Zahatar.  Shilo can regularly be found playing drums across the front range with some of the finest Jazz musicians in Colorado.  He is also a highly respected educator and composer and works in those capacities at Colorado State University, several area high schools, and with some of the top marching bands in the nation.  We are so pleased to announce that Shilo will be participating as a performer and a composer in Elemental!   Make sure you get season tickets so you can experience first hand the artistry of Shilo Stroman!  [maxbutton id=”1″]

Shilo is a Yamaha Performing Artist and proud endorser of Sabian, Promark and Evans products and you can find our more about him and his projects by visiting his website at www.shilostroman.com.