#MidnightWalkInTheRain The streets are dark and empty.  Dreamy thoughts tiptoe around consciousness while I wander alone with footsteps and gentle drops of rain. #Elemental #FireAndWater @NoCoArtists @the_stro 

In the spring of 2015 I decided to write a composition for vibraphone and string quartet.  I had no idea when the piece would be performed but I knew that I wanted the opportunity to work again with Shilo Stroman.  The vibraphone has a wonderful sound that I thought would blend well composingwith string quartet.  I was drawn to the dreamy and ethereal sounds that vibraphone and strings are fantastic at creating.  I had just started sketching ideas when the theme of Fire and Water was announced for the first concert in the Elemental series so I began to contemplate ways this composition could respond to the theme.  While playing around with ideas and sounds it struck me that a ringing vibraphone reminds me of raindrops and footsteps on wet pavement. A Midnight Walk in The Rain describes the dreamlike state of walking alone on a dark and empty street in a light rain.  Hear the world premiere of A Midnight Walk in The Rain and much more on January 23rd at the Midtown Arts Center in Fort Collins. 

Scott Stewart