Next year, NoCo Artists is presenting Elemental, a series of three concerts, at the Midtown Arts Center in Fort Collins. The concert dates are January 23rd (Fire and Water), February 20th (Wind), and April 30 (Earth); all concerts are at 7 p.m.

Known for its innovative combinations of text, visual art, and music, NoCo artists ( is inviting area high-school and college poets to submit poems on the concert themes. Selected poems will be presented as part of a concert (one or two in each program) by the poet (or by another reader who has worked with NoCo before, if the poet prefers). Each poet whose work is presented will receive a small honorarium and a season ticket.

If you live in Northern Colorado and are interested in writing and submitting poems for consideration (you may submit up to three poems, one for each concert, or simply a single poem), please email poems (each poem as a separate Microsoft Word file or PDF) as attachments, to Veronica Patterson at The file name should consist of your last name and the element your poem addresses. (Example: Smith_Wind).

In the email text, please include your full name and address and a phone number where we can reach you. We will acknowledge receiving them. Poems for all three concert themes are due by November 30. We will contact poets whose poems have been selected for a concert presentation by December 19.


~ For the first concert, a poem might address Fire and Water, perhaps in two segments, or just one of the two.

~ Poems may simply address an element, but also may address a significant experience that involves that element. Below is an example Earth-themed poem, by Lisa Zimmerman, about a hawk’s release on Earth Day.


Releasing the Red-tail Hawk, Earth Day

She tossed him up
into that surprising rain
which fell on his healed wing
like kindness.
The gratitude was only human
as we watched him swoop and rise
and light easily on an upper branch
of the tallest cottonwood.

He was there when our cars
pulled away, birds darting in panic
below his silhouette
which was small at a distance
but clear and dark
and filled, like we are,
with power.