meeting_picNoCo Artists has put a lot of energy over the years finding ways to make our performances unique and fun.  This has generally involved relatively minor changes to convention such as casual outfits and unique seating arrangements that immerse the audience in the experience.  We also include collaboration between musicians, poets, and other artists to create one of a kind experiences.  With our 2016 three concert elemental living artists series we have decided to expand on these ideas.  The formal concert customs and conventions we are familiar with in the classical music world developed over hundreds of years.  These conventions feel comfortable and the air of formality can make the evening seem more dramatic and significant for many, however, it makes others feel excluded and confused.  These conventions have changed and evolved over the years.  In Beethoven’s day people clapped between movements of symphonies and when particularly moved right in the middle of the movement!  An orchestra at that time might replay the movement before moving on with the program.  So which conventions are relevant today and which should evolve in this fast changing world where one can use a cell phone to listen to music or view works of art in a matter of seconds?  In the picture with this post Gustav Hoyer and I were passionately discussing this topic.  Our plan for this season is to start with no traditional conventions and only add back in what make sense for that particular performance.  We want to create one of a kind experiences that emphasize the ephemeral aspects of live performance.  One topic we discussed was the program you receive when arriving at a live performance.  The purpose of it seems obvious.  It tells you about what you are going to experience while displaying advertisements, and names of donors and sponsors which make live performances possible.  Is that its only purpose?  Could a program be more than that?  We think so and so will after you experience Elemental: Fire and Water with us on January 23rd.