NoCo Artists Take on the Elements in 2016 Concert Series

Contemporary music and art nonprofit launches new season with a series of events celebrating Fire and Water, Wind, and Earth.


Fort Collins, Co. (December 24, 2015) — NoCo Artists, a northern Colorado nonprofit that fuses diverse music and arts collaborations in innovative settings, launches its 2016 season at Midtown Arts Center on January 23, 2016, 7pm. The Elemental series begins with a bang as Fire and Water mix—with spectacular results.

The series includes three immersive concert events, featuring music and poetry by area artists. Following January’s Fire and Water are Wind (February 20) and Earth (April 30). All events take place at Midtown Arts Center from 7pm to 9pm.

This unique program series is unlike anything previously seen in Northern Colorado. Each concert comprises original music and poetry on the elemental themes, submitted by professional and emerging artists who live or work locally.  Diverse combinations of instruments create a variety of striking sound combinations. For these concerts, NoCo Artists are throwing out many traditional conventions, to create one-of-a-kind experiences. 

“Every live performance is unique,” says NoCo Artists Executive Director Scott Stewart. “Everything—from the physical shape and construction of the performance space to the people present—affects the sounds and sights of the event. The energy and mood in the room will never again exist in that exact combination. A recording can never capture every unique aspect that makes a live performance such an emotionally powerful and enriching experience.

“We embrace and emphasize the unique opportunities at each program, to give everyone present a shared moment in time. The experience brings people closer to the arts and to one another, generating a stronger sense of compassion and community.”

The opening event, Fire and Water, includes poetry and music by Eric Alexander, Christopher Marcus-Grano, Anne Guzzo, Gustav Hoyer, Veronica Patterson, Chris Pilsner, Scott Stewart, and Shilo Stroman. Tickets for individual performances ($25), as well as for the entire series ($60) are available now:

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January 23rd, 7 P.M.  – Fire and Water – This program includes poetry and music for violin, viola, cello, piano, percussion, and woodwinds. $25

February 20th, 7 P.M. – Wind – This program includes poetry and music for woodwinds and percussion. $25

April 30th 7 P.-M. – Earth – This program includes poetry and music for orchestra. $25


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