Reinventing the Classical Concert Experience
Contemporary music and arts nonprofit, NoCo Artists, entertains and delights with a groundbreaking approach to presenting new classical music.

Fort Collins, Co. (March 23, 2016) — NoCo Artists, a northern Colorado nonprofit, has been reinventing the classical music concert experience with its 2016 Elemental concert series. The series has captivated audiences with concerts that combine new music, poetry, video, and arts by local artists in new and unexpected ways. The concert series concludes with Earth at Midtown Arts Center on April 30, 2016, 7pm and features a full orchestra.  World renowned tenor Philip Webb will join the orchestra for a portion of the program.

“NoCo artists is really reinventing what it means to hear modern ‘classical’ music,” says NoCo Artists Artistic Director Gustav Hoyer. “From our emphasis on newly created music to our respectful disregard for the conventions of ‘classical music’, we are bringing fresh new voices to our shared cultural conversation in a way that performances of long-dead Europeans cannot do.”

This unique concert series is unlike anything previously seen in Northern Colorado, and audiences and musicians are embracing the concept. “NoCo artists is an amazing opportunity to collaborate with fellow artists across all genres to create a unique experience for the audience,” says clarinetist and Colorado State University faculty member, Copper Ferreira. “We aim to engage not just your sense of hearing, but sight, touch, smell, and most importantly, wonder!  We aim to bring the audience into the concert experience as active participants, not just passive observers, to strengthen the end product based on real-time feedback.“

“Every live performance is unique,” says NoCo Artists Executive Director Scott Stewart. “Everything—from the physical shape and construction of the performance space to the people present—affects the sounds and sights of the event. The energy and mood in the room will never again exist in that exact combination.”

Area composers have embraced NoCo Artists vision.  Internationally performed composer and University of Wyoming composition professor Anne Guzzo expressed her enthusiasm stating “I love having new music presented alongside acting, poetry, video, paintings, etc. It reminds us that the creative process is rich and tells us stories in many ways. I’m also delighted by the regional talent and enthusiasm for new music in Ft. Collins. We are lucky, indeed.”

Professional performers in Fort Collins are also embracing NoCo Artist unique approach to presenting music.  “It’s really special to be part of a concert series of locally written music that is a full multimedia experience…that simultaneously takes advantage of all the talent Northern Colorado has to offer, with musicians, artists, poets, and more,” says Fort Collins bassist and composer Matt Smiley.

“The addition of a forward thinking chamber ensemble to the Northern Colorado area is something I’ve wanted to be a part of for a long time,” says professional percussionist and educator Shilo Stroman. “I’m glad it’s finally here and I have the opportunity to be a part of this great ensemble.”

The Earth program includes poetry and music by Anne Guzzo, Gustav Hoyer, Christopher Marcus-Grano, Veronica Patterson, and Scott Stewart. General admission tickets ($25), as well as student tickets ($10), are available now:

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